Nood Rewards FAQ's

I'm not receiving email updates, what do i do?

  • send us an email to and ask to be set up with email contact again. or find an old email from nood and click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom and manage your subscriber status.

How long do nood Rewards Dollars last for?

  • nood Rewards Dollars are valid for 6 months from the date that they became a redeemable value/visible on your account. Ie once you have spent a minimum of $50 in a 6 month period.

Can i earn nood Rewards Dollars on all purchases? Are there any products that cannot earn Nood Rewards Dollars?

  • All products except for Gift Vouchers will earn nood Rewards Dollars. Freight on purchases will not earn nood Rewards Dollars either and Friends & Family offers are also not eligible to earn Nood Rewards Dollars.

Is there a minimum spend required before I can use my nood Rewards Dollars?

  • No, you can use your points on any purchase without a minimum spend requirement.

Do purchases made on Q-Card earn nood Rewards Dollars?

  • No, currently you can not earn nood Rewards Dollars on Q-Card purchases. The system will automatically recognise that Q-Card has been used as a payment method and will not assign Rewards Dollars. If part of the transaction has been made with cash or credit etc then that portion will earn nood Rewards Dollars.

Do I need to spend all of my nood Rewards Dollars at once?

  • No, you can choose how many nood Rewards Dollars you want to spend each transaction.

How do I join nood Rewards?

  • you can either sign up in-store with or you can join nood Rewards online.

How can I earn nood Rewards Dollars?

  • you can earn nood Rewards Dollars on any purchases you make once you have a nood Rewards Account set up on our website or in store. 

I have points missing on my account, how do I fix this?

  • If for some reason you have missing points please contact or 0800 46 66 63 so we can fix this for you.

How can i update my account details?

  • you can update your nood Rewards Account instore by logging into your account on our website and saving any changes.

How do I find my nood Rewards number?

  • your nood rewards number is on each email we send you and is also available on your account page on the website.