Alice and Caleb dining room reveal

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Alice and Caleb dining room reveal Alice and Caleb dining room reveal Alice and Caleb dining room reveal

Nood partnered with Alice from Pearson and Projects to style the dining space for their Relocatable Reno. Read on to see how Alice was able to pull together this stylish, functional and unique space.

It seems at times the design of our houses can be more centred around entertaining a dinner table of 8 possible guests, rather than serving the needs our own families day to day lives. So as I created our dining room for our relocatable reno, my focus was hosting our family of four every breakfast, lunch and dinner. I believe every space you design in your house should be stunningly beautiful but completely practical.

To do this, it starts with the design of your space and the pieces you style it with. We created a seat nook that saved on floor space, gave us storage under the bench seat itself and allowed me to purchase all the more cushions (amen). Look, you can never have enough - so I went with a pair of the Benek Cushions in taupe to bring some lightness to the space. If and when you can, choosing a feather inner for your cushions gives you that ultimate lived in and cosy feeling, making me never wanting to leave my cup of tea for laundry again

Within this nook we went with a contrasting color combo of a mustard yellow velvet seat cover and a deep dark blue wall. These colors against our clean white walls and furniture is what I love the most and creates the ultimate feature in our dining room space. With this in mind it made choosing our other seating easy. The Porter Carver Chairs in White balance all the other textures and colors happening in our dining room. Not just beautifully aesthetic, these chairs are moulded plastic making them a breeze to clean especially with toddlers running around the house. Remember when I said functional and beautiful?

Next to our dining table we had in-built floating shelves created as an answer to a lack of hallway storage and a great way to display our (I mean my) beautiful decor. After all I am a stylist. We went with two of the Matia Baskets to keep kids toys and crafts for easy access and clean up. A few of my other favorites are the white planter and the Replica Eames Bird in Black, both sitting pretty and giving our space some substance. Last but not least I choose three beautiful glass vases to house garden picked flowers and greenery to bring some life into our space

I recently learnt (which means watched a Netflix documentary) about the idea that interior design needs to feel as good as it looks. The textures, the warmth and the atmosphere. To finish off our dining room we wanted to go with a rug that didn’t just complement our space visually but also created that warm and cosy feeling when nestled in our nook reading a good book. The Paltina Jute Rug was the perfect fit. Its natural hue complemented our space really well and also created texture and softness when sitting in for dinner or an arts and crafts session.

Our dining room is a space that suits a romantic dinner or a full blown craft activity with toddlers. The luscious velvet cushioning of the seat nook make the space comfortable. The glass detail of the pendants gives the space mood and ambiance, and the palm tree makes it feel relaxed.

So while I do apologise for that tight squeeze when I have six guests for dinner, I am glad for a dining room that suits our family and how we live.

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