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Pearson and Project's Alice and Caleb are at it again with their latest reno adventure in Nelson - Diamond in Richmond. Read on as Alice takes us through her design process when looking at how to develop an enviable living space.

When I design there are two rules I go by. The first, if I do not love what I am adding to the space then it’s not going in. The second, being slightly apprehensive in the decision making always makes for a good room. In my experience being bold in design is about trusting your eye and intentionally pushing your creative ideas outside your comfort zone.

When you renovate a hundred year old home there is an obligation to respect and embrace what once was and to also reflect what design is today. The design and workmanship of the last century was my inspiration, but the objective was to give it a New World look.

I like to start my design process with what you normally notice first as you enter the room. In this case it was the wallpaper. I used a bold floral wallpaper pattern full of pink earthy tones and subtle pops of light blue. It instantly created a striking look and set the mood for that New World style. To really drive the pink colour scheme home, I selected a warm terracotta and light stone linen for the full length drapes as well as adding another layer of texture with the loop pile wool carpet in grey.

When it comes to the lounge there is one important element that is always king - the seating arrangement. The dictionary explains ‘to lounge’ is to pass time idly and indolently. A lounge represents a place to sit, relax and enjoy your downtime. Finding ones perfect spot on the couch is achieved by keeping in mind two things - comfort and layout. We wanted multiple spaces to sit back and relax which is why we opted for a full length window seat with a light linen swab. This is the perfect spot to perch up with a good book to enjoy the afternoon sun. The Mia Lounge Chair was a perfect addition for another cozy nook near our refurbished fireplace. This armchair is designed with an ultra modern look and all the comfort you could need.

Alice and Caleb Living Room Reveal Alice and Caleb Living Room Reveal Alice and Caleb Living Room Reveal

The final piece of the seating puzzle was the couch. I found the perfect fit with our custom made Aoraki 3 Seater Sofa. Nood now offers a NZ-made customisable option with over eighty different fabrics, six different leg options and various sizes. With this I was able to design a sofa that ticked all the boxes and matched the overall look and feel of the room. A beautiful terracotta velvet sofa with black metal legs was our addition to the family - and I adore it!

Alice and Caleb Living Room Reveal Alice and Caleb Living Room Reveal Alice and Caleb Living Room Reveal

The Antique Viscose Rug in Alloy Grey centres the room. Using a rug with the same hue as the carpet gives softness to the definition. Within the Stanley range, I selected a Coffee Table and Sideboard in richer tones to bring warmth and depth to the space while also giving additional storage. Then to finally bring everything together, we style. Some may see homewares as just “bits and pieces” yet they are the finishing touches that complete the look. I used complementary coloured cushions and throws to add to the warmth but in varied textures to add depth. Fresh foliage is always a must and is a great way to add height to certain areas that need spatial awareness. Anyway who doesn’t love a reason to buy flowers?!

This room was all about creating a theme and running with it and that I did. Don’t hold back when it comes to colour and texture. Be bold in your decision making and instead of buying and selecting items that match, opt for furniture and textures in the same tone and hue. This brings depth to your room and makes for a more thought out and well-rounded space.

This post was written for nood by Alice Pearson from Pearson and Projects.

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