Autumn 2021 colours

colour guide with resene

Nature is a great source of inspiration and constantly delights our eyes with an array of new depths as we change seasons. Smoked sages, brooding charcoals and warmed neutrals will take charge this Autumn and will keep us warm as we head into the cooler months.

Resene Siam

Sage is a complex neutral that can take on a masculine persona when paired with sleek, black steel and moody abstract art. Full of wisdom, sage hues communicate peace and deliver a restful feeling to your home. Explore its depths with a variety of natural and artificial lighting. Pair sage hues such as Resene Siam with rich, warm timbers, smoky grey fabrics and silvered accessories for a timeless approach. Darker-toned, textured wallpapers are perfect for creating ambient and intimate spaces - promoting a sense of calm from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Resene Double Foundry

Resene Double Foundry is a courageous, smoked charcoal with a subtle blue hint. Contrast with powerful, burnt oranges and sleek gold fixtures for a dramatic approach. Layer with deep, crushed velvets and dimmed lighting for a cosy, cocoon feeling in your bedroom or lounge.

Resene Half Biscotti

Resene Half Biscotti has a soft, creamy undertone of rose and taupe and is a great neutral to introduce to your home when further warmth is desired. Celebrate its warmth and pair with burnished coppers, rich mustards, vibrant art and an assortment of delicate, layered accessories.

Wallpaper has the ability to inject colour, pattern and texture into a space. Selecting the right wallpaper can provide an inspirational colour palette or theme (such as nature) that will not only add visual impact, but also brings all other decorative elements into harmony and balance.

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