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You’re due for a new sofa and you have the same dilemma as last time – do you choose a leather option or go fabric? Budget, lifestyle and what’s happening at home now plus what will be happening in the future are all factors for deciding what will be the best option. A good quality sofa will last you years so it makes sense to spend a bit of time thinking about it.

We’re here to help with this decision by explaining the pros and cons of leather and fabric.

First things first – COMFORT. The sofa is a key piece of furniture in your home, people tend to gravitate towards it after a long day and it’s also where you gather to entertain your friends.

Do you want to sink into your couch to read your favourite book or are you looking for something a bit sleeker perhaps more comfortable on the eye?

Fabric and leather sofas can be just as comfortable as each other. Leather is cool in summer but even cooler in winter which means layering up with cushions and throws. Fabric is likely to feel warmer instantly and requires less “dressing”.

When comparing whether the actual fabric or leather is more comfortable then it’s important to note that fabric will have a softer feel instantly whereas leather needs to be lived in to soften but will be just as comfortable when it has.

CLEANING & MAINTENANCE of your sofa should be a huge consideration when thinking about your next purchase.

When considering a fabric option you’ll need to think about the treatment you apply to the sofa. This will determine how the fabric wears. Using a fabric protector on the sofa will make cleaning spills and marks off much easier and determine how long the sofa keeps its new look.

Leather is considered a lot easier to clean, however it’s important to understand that various leathers wear and age differently. Analine and semi-analine leathers must be treated with care whereas pigmented leathers have a sealed surface and are more durable making them great for families.

Both options require care and maintenance. Make sure you look into furniture care plans at the time of purchase. These plans act like insurance and can cover things like rips, tears, spills and stains. Nood offers furniture protection plans to cover all of these issues plus a full range of products to assist with cleaning and maintaining both fabric and leather options – we recommend the all-natural Pelle range.

fabric vs. leather sofas fabric vs. leather sofas fabric vs. leather sofas

The final thing to think about for this very important purchase is APPEARANCE AND LIFE FACTORS.

Do you have pets that like to scratch or chew, are there children in the house, does anyone in your home suffer allergies, do you eat meals on your sofa or do you care about how your sofa ages?

Leather sofas are hypoallergenic, dust doesn’t gather in it so it’s safer for people who suffer allergies. It’s also great for wiping off food or spills from children or husbands (or anyone else for that matter). Leather tends to age, especially if located in direct sunlight and is used frequently. This aged appearance can desirable for some and hated by others.

Fabric is fantastic for aging, depending on colour. If you look after your sofa well with regular cleaning, keeping it out of direct sunlight and cushion turning if possible, your sofa will still look new much longer. However, when you introduce pets and children into your home this can make keeping your sofa tidy a challenge.

Overall both options have their pros and cons and in the end it may come down to your budget. Leather will generally be a more expensive option so fabric will win here every time.

Take your time and consider what will work best in your home and for your family.

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