How to create that perfect reading nook

Tips and advice

Choosing the right chair-

When it comes to finding the perfect chair for your reading endeavour, think luxury!

It needs to scream comfort and be practical for long hours spent tucked into that book you can't seem to put down.

Your chair should effortlessly blend in with its surroundings yet still be the star of the show.

Leather is a mature and tasteful choice that will give any hard-faced companions (marble/ceramic pieces etc) a soft contrast that leaves an overall balanced effect.

Pictured is our replica eames lounge chair and ottoman.

Layering with art and textures-

This is a really important step to achieve that 'luxe' finish.

Add structure to the area by placing art either on the wall or elevated on a piece of furniture. Pictured is the peninsula framed canvas.

This will draw the eyes up so that you don't feel closed in - and place decorative objects in front of artwork to achieve a subtle layered finish.

Then, introduce textures into the space with cushions and throws.

An easy way to choose a cushion or throw for the space is to pull colours from your art piece and replicate them through the soft furnishings.

Bring the outdoors in-

The simplest most effective step!

Grab your secateurs and snip that blooming branch in the backyard to elevate the space immediately or as an alternative pick up some artificial flowers.

Use a translucent vase to give the illusion of more space, a great hack if the area starts to feel cluttered.

Not only will foliage add a pop of colour and texture, it will give the space a serene, natural aroma!

Final step - curl up with a glass of wine and enjoy your nook.

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