Spring '19 colours with Resene

colour guide with resene

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, bursting with optimism and enthusiasm. Colours become brighter and energy levels heighten. Homes are filled with fresh air as the windows are pushed open and a new sense of energy is introduced.

Colours of spring are very clear and provide balance and clarity. For a contemporary approach, build your palette with golds, clear glass, rounded corners & industrial elements.

Resene Mother Nature

The greenery trend is still going very strong, and can be seen replicated through prints, fabrics and décor. Resene Mother Nature is a beautiful, adaptable green that easily transitions throughout seasons. Fresh during the day and sultry under the night sky, Resene Mother Nature is a great backdrop for fresh green leaves, sweet lilacs and mustard golds.

Natural, raw elements. The colour and natural beauty of concrete is a popular choice to make your look pop. Pair furniture with soft, rounded corners with brooding, industrial elements for a sophisticated approach.

Spring '19 colours with Resene Spring '19 colours with Resene Spring '19 colours with Resene

Resene Rocky Mountain & Resene Barista

Spring is a great time of year to get the creative juices flowing. Experiment with paint effects and enter a world of texture, dimension and ambience. Resene Paint Effects Medium is a tintable acrylic used to obtain a variety of broken paint finishes, such as Ragging, Sponging and Limewash Effect. Pair deep, burnt browns such as Resene Sepia & Resene Barista with a base of Resene Rocky Mountain for a moody statement wall. Add metallic highlights with Resene Gold Dust.

Aspiring Wallpaper Geonature #366073 from Resene

The world of wallpaper is constantly evolving and is such a great way to introduce pattern & texture to your home. Whether you select from Resene’s extensive range or create your own custom wallpaper with Resene WallPrint, adding wallpaper is a great way to inject your personality all year round.

Spring '19 colours with Resene Spring '19 colours with Resene Spring '19 colours with Resene

Resene Swiss Caramel

Add decadence to your home with Resene Swiss Caramel. Resene Swiss Caramel is a rich, ochre gold with a sweet, tan undertone. Resene Swiss Caramel will bring sunshine into your home even on the dullest days and provides a warm, inviting backdrop. Add further luxury with crushed linens, tan décor and soft timbers.

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