Winter '19 colours with Resene

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Nood works closely with the team at Resene to find the perfect paint colours to complement each range. Read on for some interior styling tips from Rebecca Long, one of Resene’s talented design advocates.

Nature is such a beautiful resource for colour during Winter. Icicles glisten in the sun, snow delights our eyes with pure, shades of white and landscapes uncover hidden, deep depths. Colours of fire radiate, bringing comfort to the coldest nights.

Winter colours can transform your home in a variety of ways, depending on what you’re after. It’s important to think about how you use your space, and what feeling you want to create.

Whether you’re updating your lounge, adding another level of comfort to your bedroom or wanting to create a cosy tv nook, deeper, winter colours are a great way to bring a room in and create a comfortable, intimate feeling all throughout the year.

Resene Geronimo is a spicy, deep magenta that will elevate any space. With the energy of an open fire and the elegance of crushed velvet it is sure to bring warmth & luxury to your home.

Winter '19 colours with Resene Winter '19 colours with Resene Winter '19 colours with Resene

While winter palettes can help us feel cosy, they can also declutter and modernise spaces.

Pair black leather, burnished textures, thick throws & exposed concrete with the likes of Resene Balderdash for a sleek, clean approach.

Encourage reflection and experiment with glass, steel & mirrors.

Winter '19 colours with Resene Winter '19 colours with Resene Winter '19 colours with Resene

Inspired by winter colours but still waiting for the day spring rolls around again? There is certainly no reason why you can’t mix & match seasonal colours at home.

Resene Vintage adds radiance to your home and easily merges between seasons. Pair with thick, creamy textures in winter for comfort and bold, repeating patterns in spring for a burst of energy.

Winter '19 colours with Resene Winter '19 colours with Resene Winter '19 colours with Resene

Wrap yourself in earthy, grounded tones all year round. Whether it’s cold outside or you’ve simply had a long day at work, there is something so satisfying about coming home to a fresh, natural palette.

Fresh, leafy greens add life to any space and with such a variety of neat planters available, it’s so hard not to become a fan of the greenery trend.

Resene Seaweed is a rich, rainforest green that creates a relaxed backdrop in any environment.

This post was written for nood by Rebecca Long from Resene

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