Care and cleaning advice for fabric furniture

  • Protect from direct sunlight, direct heat and weather. All fabrics can fade over time depending on their exposure to sunlight. All natural fibre fabrics have a tendency to fade more easily, while synthetic fabrics are more hard wearing and colour-fast.
  • Periodically clean your furniture with a soft brush or using a low suction vacuum cleaner.
  • It is normal for some fabrics to pill after initial use, which can be easily taken care of using a fabric stone or lint shaver.
  • Blot any food or liquid spills immediately with a dry, colour-fast, clean cloth. Do not use abrasive or harsh chemical cleaners on the fabric. Do not rub.
  • Spot cleaning can be done with an upholstery cleaner, but always test the product and fabric first in an inconspicuous area.
  • If the entire piece requires cleaning, professional upholstery cleaning is recommended.
  • Feather-filled seat cushions and back cushions are designed to be natural, soft and luxurious. They will shift and settle with normal everyday use, gently fluff and re-position the feathers to return the cushions to their original soft shape. Vacuuming can pull feathers through the fabric so we do not recommend vacuuming feather filled products.