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Just like investing in a few new key pieces of clothing for the next season, it’s also nice to freshen up your home. Some new cushions and a couple of accessories or pieces of art is all it takes to freshen up a space and inject a pop of colour and personality.

Cushions are essential

Cushions are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to refresh and add colour to a room. Let your choice of cushions add personality. The safest way to approach cushions is to select one or two statement designs – these could have an image or pattern. Then complement these with plain cushions from your colour palette. These can still be textured to create depth, but they will tie in with the overall feel. You’ll be surprised just how different a room can look with a new selection of cushions. Try adding a throw in a similar colour palette to make it feel tranquil and create more layering and texture. Don’t be afraid to go electric and mix things up a bit, cushions don’t all have to match, have some fun with assorted sizes, patterns, and colours. Check out our current range here.

Statement wall art

Don’t get too caught up with art being permanent. Art can move around the house into different rooms just like cushions and throws. This is an effective way to change the colour palette of a room or to create a real statement on your wall. The same applies to home decor – vases, ornaments etc.

Art is also much more affordable than it used to be, so it's easier to change this out more often. Check out the current range here for some inspo and ideas. Our hot seller is always the highland cow!

Selecting your colour palette

When selecting cushion colours consider the more permanent aspects of the room - curtains, paint, and flooring. These are all a little harder and more expensive to change, but there are still plenty of variations of colour palettes you could introduce to compliment the room.

Bringing it all together

A striking piece of wall décor can lift a room and help connect all the elements. By selecting a couple of colours from the art and replicating them in the soft furnishings and home décor it starts to create flow, helping the space feel coordinated. If the artwork has lots of colours, then that provides lots of opportunities to change out the feature colours in the future.

Keeping your home fresh shouldn’t be daunting, just go with your gut and change out a few key pieces at a time until you’re happy with how the room is looking.

Happy homeware shopping!

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